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PHP/MySQL Backend

We are specialized in MySQL/PHP backend! High performance robust code is what we do! If you want a solid backend, we're number one! Learn more!

Frontend and Responsiveness

We can create anything from rich user experience to complex client side applications. Everything we build is 100% responsive design! Learn more!


We are specialized in creation and optimization of Magento stores and other Ecommerce platforms. We have helped many businesses in Montreal with their Ecommerce websites. Find how we can help yours too!

Online services

We don't just help other businesses with their online services, we also operate our own online services! Creating and keeping our online services up to date allows us to stay the best in the field. We are passionate and never stop learning! See the list of our current online services below:

Community services by Intercode:



A serie of 100% free dating websites with live webcam chat for all niches, all running from the same code and database, crossing data whenever possible.

Other instances: Lesbian Match, Mother I'd Like To Date, Vegan Match, MetalHead Match, Muslim Dating, Gay Men Dating, Golden Match, Small World Dating.

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Avant-garde video hosting platform using h264 codecs for great resolution and little bandwidth. Fully adapted to mobile devices and larger devices.

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For years Globolister has been used by thousands of people every day to track down movies that can be found on the web and the websites that list them.

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Super Movie Chooser

The Super Movie Choser allows you to search for movies to watch by genre, actor, keyword, subject etc.. Just type what you're interested in in the search box and let the Super Movie Choser help you find something good!

Green Screen It!

Green Screen It! teaches you how to use a green screen to make videos with fake backgrounds from within your home or place multiple copies of yourself in a same video. Film in your home but appear to be in the woods... Be there multiple times in the screen... Awesome stuff!

PV Music

PV Music is a site where you can hear most of the music that I have recorded in my life including old stuff and newer stuff. There is also a page where you can hear my many recorded song ideas and participate in my composition process. In the future I want to offer this composition participation tool to other musicians, stay tuned!

If I Don't come back

IfIDontComeBack is a simple tool that can save your life!! Going somewhere where there could be danger? On a date with a stranger? Who knows what could happen?? With IfIDontComeBack you can program an email to be sent at a specific time. IfIDontComeBack will also send you an email which allows you to disarm and rearm your programmed email. So if you come back safely just disarm the programmed email before it is sent, but if you don't come back.. the email will go out at the time programmed. The recipient of the email will have to click a link to signify that they have received the email, the email will keep being resent every day until the recipient clicks the link in it!!

Online Alarm Clock

This is a simple online alarm clock that you can program for the whole week. With this tool you can set an extra alarm in your living room computer to force yourself to get up and turn it off in the morning. I know it helps me a lot!! That's why I made it!

Webmaster tools from Intercode:



wIMG is a unique system that automatically generates screenshots of webpages. The system involves a Firefox web browser running on a headless Linux server. It can be used for free directly from our servers or you can download the code and run it from your own server.

wIMG serves over a third of a million images everyday and yet it uses very little resources on the server it runs on. Wonder how it works? Would like to get your own wIMG? Just download the source code for free.

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NodesForum may be the most complex forum platform out there. It is a 100% free, auto-installing forum that can generate its own user system or work with your site's existing user system. It allows for infinite folders and separate permissions on each folder. People can literally create their own sub-forums inside of your forum if you allow it in the way you create your folders. It also has its own BBcode which supports more options that you have ever seen anywhere else.

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AtSameIP is a simple website offering a simple reverse DNS service. However it receives many thousand visitors every day and must search data from tables that contain many millions of rows.

Many of the other sites offering this kind of service have shut down due to the heavy strain on the server but for AtSameIP a custom database engine was created to allow the site to remain functional and fast.

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See also:

Chipmunk Server Tester

The Chipmunk Server Tester tests if your web server and MySQL database is up, by default every 5 seconds and emits a light *chipmunk sound when all is good, so you can hear it's working. If your database is having too many connections it warns you vocally. When either your web server or database is not responding after x tests the tester will start making a loud alarm sound, enough to wake you up in the night! This is really useful to me, always know when your server is down! and know right away, not just the next morning! Download it and put it on your server.


Anolink is a super simple tool allows your site to link to another site by using Anolink as an intermediated between the two so the site you are linking to cannot see your site in it's referers. It is used by thousands every day and has been for many years. It also has an HTMLizer feature which allows you to create a link to contains any HTML mark-up.


The CloudEditor is a simple code editor that supports FTP connection and has multiple tabs and a file explorer. This tool can be very useful in it's current form to edit your files on your server from any browser, but there are also many more features to come in the future.


Proxyfuzz is a list of open proxies that you can use with your browser or in your applications using Curl. Users can add proxies themselves, they are automatically tested before being added and they are rewarded by being allowed to put their link next to the proxies that they add for everyone to see. Proxies listed are also automatically routinely tested.

Free Flash Player

Free Flash Player is, as you would guess from the name, a free flash player that you can use on your website. It has many awesome unique features like the capacity of playing a list of videos and it will even start buffering the x next videos before they start playing in case the host is slow. Check out the site it has many other useful features! Can play FLV or MP4 videos.


Crypt 1 by Intercode is a simple encryption tool that allows you to encrypt your sensitive files like files containing passwords etc.. It can be used online but also downloaded and used from your desktop. Your files will be encrypted with your password. While it is no high grade encryption it will surely keep your files safe from the average encryption non-expert. Try it out!